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Simple Healthy Fruit Salad Delicious Directions: • Roughly tear or chop up 5-6 leaves of romain lettuce. • Add to it a handful of washed blueberries & raspberries. • Peel & cube 1/2 of apple into bite sized pieces. • Using a peeler, strip & cut up half a cucumber. • If available, cut plum tomatoes & add. If not use regular tomatoe & cut into small bite sized pieces. • Add celery to taste. • Garnish with shaved carrot & a sprinkle of parsley. • Lastly, give a light toss & flavor with your favorite light dressing. Bon appetit. Enjoy! 😃 https://twitter.com/D_Decorum https://www.facebook.com/DistinguishedDecorum/ https://www.instagram.com/distinguished_decorum/ Read More

Sleep and How It Affects Your Health

....sleep deprivation sometimes becomes the main contributing factor when it comes to serious health issues such as heart disease, premature death, as well as obesity. Sleeping 6-8 hours every night releases hormones and compounds that support with the overall well-being of your body.  Let's take a look at how sleep regulates different aspects of our life.